Coniuratio Nigrum Atlantika


Today we are pleased to announce the release of Coniuratio Nigrum Atlantika, a three-way split with our comrades in WolfCloak and Dumal. Our portion of the split was recorded between the winter months of January and March 2016 at One Stone Recording with Peter Lloyd in New Brunswick, NJ. This split debuts a new lineup for Windfaerer, featuring Muñoz on bass, Keren on guitar, and Applegate on drums. The entire split was mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering.

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Full Windfaerer lineup:
Gonçalves – Voice, guitars
Karas – Acoustic & electric violins
Keren – Guitars
Muñoz – Bass
Applegate – Drums

For the WolfCloak and Dumal portions of the split:


Preorder “Tenebrosum” Now!


It has been a long wait, but the pre-order for Tenebrosum is now open! We will have limited quantities available in jewel case CD format. Be the first to own it when it is released on September 22, 2015Preorder Tenebrosum here.

The folks at Heavy Blog is Heavy have also recently premiered our lyric video for “Finisterra”. You can now access the video via our YouTube channel—check it out below.

“Celestial Supremacy” Premieres via No Clean Singing


Saludos! We are proud to announce that the wonderful folks at No Clean Singing have premiered our first offering from our forthcoming full length. “Celestial Supremacy” is the first track on Tenebrosum, due out on September 22—eve of the autumnal equinox.

It’s been three years since Solar and all we can say is that we are pleased to finally reveal our new music. A lot of work has been put into this record and we feel that it is something truly unique.

“Celestial Supremacy” is only the beginning. We have more in store for you. Check out the premiere right here!

New Merchandise — New Store

While we have been occupied with finishing this album, Windfaerer has some new items available in our merchandising department. On the same note, the primary Windfaerer store has moved completely to Bandcamp. The Bandcamp store has been of much convenience since it allows bands to sell merchandise. Now, you can download our music and purchase a shirt in the same checkout. This keeps life simple.

Orders will still be accepted via our BigCartel page, as well, for the time being.

Check out the new store here:



Album update: Seven songs are instrumentally complete—drums, bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric violins, acoustic violins, miscellaneous instruments, etc. Vocals will be completed next.


Apparently, in our current society, if you are not on the Internet, you have disappeared from the face of the Earth—unless there is wireless Internet in outer space. In regards to the lack of updates and in order to affirm our existence, we offer this post.

As a band we are always busy—constantly writing, preparing pieces for pre-production, practicing our instruments, etc. We also have worldly obligations to which we must tend in our own individual domains. These obligations, be them other musical endeavors or acquiring wealth in order to attain a comfortable existence, have somewhat delayed our desired progress with the next release. However, we feel as if we are on the right path.

Fortunately, tracking for the next full length has commenced. On July 22, 2013, we set foot into Frightbox Recording and hammered out the drums within a few hours. As this post is written, guitars should be finished within the next few days. Although, our recording process is progressing quite smoothly and without much interference, we have vowed to not provide a concrete release date or timeline of completion.

This album is shaping itself into something beautiful and intense. Seven songs, so far.

There will be more updates when we feel the need to revisit Earth.

-M. Goncalves, on behalf of Windfaerer